E Ink announces digital paper device loaner programme for smart hospital/healthcare


E Ink Holdings (Billerica, Massachusetts), an innovator of electronic ink technology, recently announced a digital paper device loaner programme for Smart Hospitals.

As hospitals consider how to improve the patient experience, digitisation has become a much higher priority. However, hospitals are looking for a solution that enhances the patient’s and health care professional’s communication, but contains no emissive light pollution and no blue light emissions, which can hinder the patient healing and sleep cycles. In addition, devices using E Ink’s Digital Paper can be installed in minutes with significantly lower installation costs.

Benefits of E Ink’s Digital Paper display solutions:

    Low power consumption – can be powered by batteries/PoE

    Low Requirement for data bandwidth

    Connect to EHR/EMR to show HIPAA compliant, "always-on" information

    Easy and low-cost installation

    No light pollution

“E Ink is very excited to launch the device loaner programme with our partners, Avalue Technology and DCI Healthcare Technology,” said Paul Apen, CSO of E Ink. “This programme allows hospitals to easily deploy a test pilot in their facilities and evaluate the technology and its impact on their operations and patient/clinician experience.”

The number of devices for the programme is customised by the needs of the installation, and are available for up to six months, depending on deployment needs. The programme includes the following devices:

    7.8" Patient Room Door Sign / Patient Care Sign

    42" Patient Communication Board

    Software to connect devices to facility EHR/EMR (as needed)

Caption: E Ink’s loaner programme includes patient room door signs and communication boards (photo: E Ink)

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