Dracula Technologies unveils GreenMicroPower Factory, revolutionising indoor IoT energy harvesting


Dracula Technologies (Valence, France), a pioneer in energy harvesting through indoor light, announces its new “Green MicroPower Factory“—a state-of-the-art, fully automated facility. The largest of its kind in Europe (2500m²), this factory will produce up to 150 million cm² of organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices per year, using inkjet printing to simultaneously lower costs and increase customization. Dracula Technologies’ new facility will cater to high-volume IoT customers from early 2024, while also preparing to license its groundbreaking technology.

As the IoT market expands, the need for sustainable power sources is becoming more crucial than ever. Not only are traditional batteries toxic to our environment, but their limited lifetimes also render them useless for industrial-grade IoT applications. Additionally, the launch of the new factory arrives at a critical juncture, coinciding with European regulation guidelines to phase out non-rechargeable batteries in IoT devices. The GreenMicroPower Factory enables large-scale production of sustainable modules, marking the beginning of the end of conventional batteries.

“This new factory significantly expands our production capacity, ensuring we meet the growing demands of our customers by delivering customized solutions in high volume,” said Brice Cruchon, CEO of Dracula Technologies. “We are excited to be leading the way to a greener and more connected future.”

By leveraging inkjet printing technology, the factory will not only achieve high-volume production of highly customised modules, but it will also reduce unit production costs by a factor of three. The new factory marks a significant milestone in Dracula Technologies’ journey, as the company reinforces its commitment to drive positive change within the industry through environmental stewardship and innovation.

To support this ambitious venture, Dracula Technologies has begun recruiting over 60 additional skilled professionals, creating employment opportunities, and fostering economic growth. Looking ahead, Dracula Technologies will have a total of 250 employees by 2030. These efforts are aligned with Dracula Technologies’ goal of bolstering the sovereignty of France and Europe, eliminating the need to import batteries from outside of Europe, and working exclusively with European suppliers. In recognition of its commitment, Dracula Technologies was recently named laureate of the “First Factory” project call, an initiative aligned with France’s reindustrialisation strategy (France 2030), receiving total funding of €5 million from the French State.

Caption: The largest of its kind, the new factory will produce up to 150 million cm2 of OPV devices per year, using inkjet printing (photo: Dracula Technologies)

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