Dracula Technologies sets new standards in indoor light energy harvesting with 25% performance boost


Dracula Technologies (Valence, France), a renowned leader in energy harvesting from indoor light, introduces its latest breakthrough: the next generation of LAYER OPV modules. With an impressive 25% improvement in performance compared to its predecessor, this cutting-edge innovation is set to redefine the landscape of ultra-low-power devices, such as indoor IoT devices and wearables. The upgraded modules offer two significant advantages to customers: they can either generate 25% more power while occupying the same amount of space (750µW under 1000 lux, up from 570µW), or achieve the same power output, voltage, and current while utilising 25% less surface area. This major milestone marks the first step in Dracula Technologies' commitment to utilising more eco-friendly materials in their products.

By reducing the required surface area, customers can enjoy cost reductions proportional to the module's size. Moreover, this breakthrough innovation has far-reaching environmental benefits. It paves the way for more discreet IoT designs, minimising the need for expensive maintenance operations and ultimately reducing labour costs and environmental footprints.

“Our new generation of products with about 25 % performance improvement is a significant milestone for Dracula Technologies,” said Sadok Ben Dkhil, CTO of Dracula Technologies. “By providing our customers with a clean source of power, we allow them to deliver products that have minimal environmental impact. The release of this new generation module aligns with our plans to scale up production and will be seamlessly integrated into our new industrial line, which will be operational in September 2023.”

The launch of the latest LAYER OPV modules is impeccably timed, coinciding with European regulations phasing out non-rechargeable batteries in IoT devices. According to the French company, customers can rest easy knowing that Dracula Technologies, a trusted and well-funded partner, will guide them through this transition and empower them to leverage future performance improvements.

Dracula Technologies harnesses the power of inkjet printing technology to customize the LAYER modules according to specific customer requirements. By combining the concept of free shape with reduced surface area, these innovative modules offer significant economic advantages while allowing customers to exercise greater control over the environmental impact of their final products.

The versatile LAYER technology is compatible with a wide range of communication protocols, making it ideal for diverse applications such as Smart Building, Smart Home, Connected Supermarkets, Industry 4.0, and Autonomous Vehicles. Product developers and designers can order demokits to build prototypes or engage with the LAYER Solutions division for assistance in designing autonomous applications. The division is available to support customers throughout the implementation, delivery, and maintenance phases of the final product.

With its new generation of LAYER OPV modules, Dracula Technologies is setting a new standard in indoor light energy harvesting. The company's commitment to eco-friendly practices and ongoing performance enhancements ensures that customers can rely on them as a trusted partner in the rapidly evolving landscape of organic and printed electronics.

Caption: A LAYER OPV module from Dracula Technologies (photo: Dracula Technologies)

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