DP Patterning partners with Mühlbauer

DPP's technology for passive RFID antennas is now entering the market thanks to the cooperation with Mühlbauer

DP Patterning AB (DPP), subsidiary of the Swedish non-profit electronic research institute Acreo, has signed a contract with the smart card, smart label and semiconductor producer Mühlbauer Group from Roding, Germany. The agreement gives Mühlbauer exclusive rights to exploit passive RFID antennas on the market. This unique manufacturing technology had been developed by Norrköping-based DPP.

DPP sells machines that manufacture flexible rather than hard printed circuit boards – an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method that is expected to replace the traditional etching method. The agreement is seen as a major breakthrough for research in the field of printed electronics conducted at Linköping University and by Acreo.  

Mühlbauer supplies machines for the manufacture of RFID tags. The company will buy the core unit of the DPP machine, the milling device, and integrate it into their own systems thus enabling them to cope with the entire production from raw material to finished RFID tags, including the antenna. “Mühlbauer is our first real customer and highly regarded in the business,” says Björn Wasell, CEO of DPP. “This agreement is extremely positive in commercial terms, but most importantly it brings recognition to our technology.” 

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