CPEIA rebrands as intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, takes over STWIA


The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance is the new name and new brand identity of the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA).

At the 2016 AGM in May, members granted the CPEIA and the board of the directors licence to expand the technology scope and membership of the association to include flexible, hybrid and wearable electronics, as well as rebrand the association. The new name reflects the diverse but interconnected nature of the technology and applications for printable, flexible, wearable and hybrid electronics.

The name “intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance” emerged as the clear winner during a ballot vote at the 2017 AGM by all Full and Associate Members in attendance.

“This new brand identity provides a better reflection of the diverse nature of flexible technologies that are at play both from a development and an applications perspective,” said Peter Kallai, president and CEO of intelliFLEX. “Many of our members were already involved in these tech domains, going well beyond our original mandate in printable electronics. This new brand and positioning helps us build a more inclusive and effective ecosystem to address the needs of the end-user verticals that best stand to benefit from the application of printable, flexible and hybrid technologies in North America and globally.”

With its expanded mandate, intelliFLEX covers several related technology areas beyond its orjginal mandate in 2D large area and 3D printable electronics. These include new types of smart materials, related semiconductors, integrated circuits, flexible and wearable electronics, smart textiles, hybrid electronics and software. As before, intelliFLEX remains focused on products and applications for Smart Packaging, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents, and Consumer Electronics.

Moreover, intelliFLEX has announced the takeover of the Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance (STWIA). STWIA was launched as part of the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) work in printable electronics , with 19 members in April 2016 as part of its industry engagement to foster ecosystem, job and wealth growth. The STWIA aimed to connect industry members to develop supply chains.

Launch of intelliWEAR: intelliWEAR is a wearables and smart textiles accelerator programme. Its goal is to bring together effective supply chain stakeholders to create awareness, educate, and facilitate the broad adoption of solutions enabled by printable, flexible or hybrid electronics for sports, fashion, healthcare and industrial applications. intelliWEAR unites leading organisations across value chains, to collaboratively explore, evaluate and mobilize innovative solutions.

The programme will be managed by the intelliWEAR Leadership Council, which is being formed in September to represent key stakeholders. The programme is modelled after the very successful intelliPACK programme that has been in operations for the last 18 months.

Caption: Peter Kallai, CEO of intelliFLEX (photo: intelliFLEX)

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