Colnatec and Novaled test world’s first heated sensor system for pinpoint precision OLEDs

  The Tempe system
The Tempe system

Colnatec LLC, a manufacturer of temperature-controlled sensors for thickness measurement of thin film devices based in Gilbert, Arizona, and Novaled AG, a provider of OLED technologies and materials, which is headquartered in Dresden, Germany, just announced that they will work together in a joint research and development project to test the performance of “Tempe”, which according to the companies is the world’s first heated quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor system for device layer self-regeneration in continuously-run OLED production.

“OLEDs absolutely need accurate layer sizes, since without temperature compensation, the device performance is directly affected,” says Kai Gilge, head of Novaled’s Engineering Division. “After positive pre-tests we are now about to implement Tempe in our continuously run OLED production. The new sensor system of Colnatec will help to speed up our development time for OLED prime materials for our OLED display and lighting customers.”
And Scott Grimshaw, CTO and co-founder of Colnatec adds: “The system was developed to stabilise OLED device performances, for its material characterisation capabilities, and for in-situ, self-regeneration properties. At the same time it has the potential to increase run-time, decrease downtime, and significantly reduce overall costs. We are confident of outstanding results of our system in the continuous OLED production at Novaled.”

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