Coatema and temicon unveil new nanoimprint technology

Coatema and temicon are continuing their cooperation

The cooperation between Coatema Coating Machinery (Dormagen, Germany) and temicon (Dortmund, Germany) has revealed a brand-new R2R-Nanoimprint line. The new line allows nanoimprinting of seamless structures on rolled products up to the width of 300mmfor various applications. At the same time, temicon has ordered with Coatema a production line of 1m working width. This line is going to start operations in the second half of this year.

“This is probably the largest production line of its kind in Europe.” comments Dr Oliver Humbach, CEO of temicon. “We are very proud having temicon on as a partner who is an absolute specialist and pioneer in manufacturing of nanoimprint structures.” adds Dr Andreas Giessmann, CEO and president of Coatema. The existing corporation under the label TEMICOATis significantly moving ahead and now allows the manufacturing of various micrometer and sub-micrometers structures at atmospheric pressure. The scope of applications comprises lightguide structures, biomedical sensors, microfluidic, decorative and haptic surfaces.

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