CHASM Advanced Materials and Henkel Adhesive Technologies partner to accelerate innovations in printed electronics

CHASM Advanced Materials (Canton, Massachusetts) announced a strategic partnership with Henkel Adhesive Technologies (Düsseldorf, Germany), a global leading provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Henkel has certified and will carry one of CHASM’s Signis line of patented CNT inks under its LOCTITE brand. Specially formulated for superior optoelectronic performance and environmental robustness on a variety of flexible substrates, LOCTITE ECI 5006 E&C is screen printable for cost-effective transparent circuit production at high volumes.

"Contemporary user interfaces on electronic devices are constantly evolving, driving increased demand for innovative materials in printed electronics," said David J. Arthur, CEO and co-founder, CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. "Industrial companies worldwide already trust Henkel for their broad portfolio of silver, carbon, dielectric and conductive inks. With the addition of a clear conductive ink based on CHASM's patented CNT and ink vehicle technology, Henkel expands its already broad and globally leading portfolio helping customers successfully manufacture a greater range of printed electronic applications."

LOCTITE ECI 5006 E&C is a carbon nanotube (CNT) ink designed for screen printing transparent conductors on a wide range of plastic films. Using CHASM's patented V2V technology, the solvent-based ink vehicle is free of surfactants requiring no rinsing operations or high-temperature baking to remove the contaminants or rheology modifiers found in other commercially available alternatives. Neutral in colour and environmentally stable, LOCTITE ECI 5006 E&C delivers reliable optoelectronic performance for the most demanding touch button or touch sensor applications.

Henkel has been a key supplier for specialised, high-functional materials on the printed electronics market for 35 years, always driving printed material development since then. “We will see the rise of completely new application fields, particularly in industries where printed electronics have not yet been a key element in the products. At the same time, printed electronics are becoming less expensive and – even more importantly – faster to produce on a large scale,” states Dr Stijn Gillissen, global head of printed electronics at Henkel. "The LOCTITE ECI 5006 E&C expands our specialised portfolio of innovative high-technology materials for the manufacture of electronic devices, enabling design flexibility and the cost-efficient production of transparent conductors for smart electronic solutions throughout diverse markets, such as automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and furniture.”

Caption: The partnership between CHASM and Henkel focuses on CNT conductive inks (photo: CHASM Advanced Materials)

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