CES 2018: Canatu partners with several technology leaders for 3D touch solutions


Canatu (Helsinki, Finland) has set into partnership with a number of market and innovation leaders in creating cutting edge 3D shaped, transparent touch surfaces and intuitive solutions for the automotive industry. CES is a focal point for automotive solutions as the cars are becoming connected extensions of living rooms and the user experience is changing. The requirements in safety and energy efficiency, for example, are playing an ever growing role for electric cars and automated driving. At CES, Canatu demonstrates several 3D automotive solutions, created in collaboration with Tier 1’s and established technology companies in the field.

Canatu’s technology is supported by all main touch controller technology companies.  At CES, there are 3D sensor demonstrators created in collaboration with the industry leaders, Cypress Semiconductor Corp, Microchip Technology Inc., and Synaptics Inc. Another key competence in 3D touch sensor creation involves forming, moulding, and integration of touch sensors into 3D modules.  A 3D formed centre console demonstrator is presented at CES, in close collaboration with Nissha Printing of Japan, a leading printing and IMD (In-Mold Decoration) technology innovator and manufacturer. 

Canatu has created a partnership network of touch sensor manufacturers in Asia to support the high volumes and demanding quality requirements of the automotive industry.  Canatu has announced two new sensor manufacturing partnerships at CES: with Hosiden Corporation of Japan, a high-quality manufacturer of electronic parts for automotive industry and Young Fast of Taiwan, a strong volume manufacturer of small, medium and large touch panel sensors. 3D shaped touch demonstrators with these key manufacturing partners are also shown at CES.

Canatu has a vision that any surface and any shape can be functional. The interior design from displays to other touch surfaces, is shown at CES with a 3D shaped leather demonstrator created together with Stahl, a leading expert in car interior surfaces.

“Canatu’s films and sensors enable 3D touch solutions for both automotive and consumer electronics by expanding touch areas to any surface as well as offering design freedom. The replacement of flat touch screens and mechanical buttons with in-moulded 3D sensors and technology enables robust surfaces and intuitive user experience in the cockpits of the future,” says Juha Kokkonen, Canatu’s CEO. “We are extremely excited to work with the most innovative companies in the field and accelerate the transformation of automotive and consumer electronics industry.”

Caption: A CNB 2-layer sensor moulded on glass (photo: Canatu)

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