Celanese announces collaboration with nScrypt to advance printed electronics space


Celanese (Dallas, Texas) has entered a new strategic partnership between its Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes and nScrypt (Orlando, Florida), which designs and manufactures high-precision microdispensing and direct digital manufacturing (3D printing) equipment for various industrial applications.

The collaboration aims to create innovative solutions across the printed electronics space through the extensive product portfolio of Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes and the high-precision Factory in a Tool (FiT) line of manufacturing systems from nScrypt.

“We are energised about the possible new applications that can be developed through our partnership with Celanese,” said Ken Church, nScrypt founder and CEO. “By using our FiT technology and applying the Celanese Micromax advanced materials science, we now can formulate customised solutions with high-precision accuracy and flexibility.”

Micromax Electronic Inks and Paste has been collaborating and developing electronic inks for the printed electronics industry for more than 60 years. Micromax Electronic Inks and Paste is a leading brand of printable, stretchable and mouldable functional thick film inks, pastes and ceramic tapes and are utilised for circuitry, interconnection and packaging of electronic devices in automotive, passive components, telecom, consumer electronics, healthcare and military applications featuring properties, such as enhanced circuit density, improved thermal management, higher reliability and other critical functionality.

Caption: Celanese is partnering with nScrypt (photo: Celanese)

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