Celanese and TracXon announce collaboration on large area LED-on-foil


Celanese Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes (Irving, Texas) announced a collaboration with TracXon (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), a fully-integrated foundry for printed electronics, to bring large area LED-on-foil to the automotive and consumer electronics markets. The uniqueness of the large area LEDs is not only its size capability, measuring in at 1.8 metres by 0.5 metres, but also the flexibility of the foil and the fine line resolution circuitry.

“Building off the success of previous work with TracXon, this collaboration was a natural next step,” said Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, Celanese Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes global marketing leader. “Our expertise combined with TracXon’s printing and SMT assembly capabilities as well as their technical background is a gamechanger for the growing printed electronics market.”

The combination allows for a wide design latitude when incorporating flexible LEDs into applications like automotive interiors and exterior lighting, commercial lighting, digital signages for advertising and backlights for large flexible displays. While LED-on-foil is not a novel technology, the advancement in manufacturing them in larger sizes is an important new solution for both automotive and consumer electronics markets.

“Developing the LED-on-foil products with the Micromax silver ink has allowed us to create a variety of designs and sizes to solve our customer’s needs,” said Ashok Sridhar, CEO of TracXon. “Together, we are able to make large format LED-on-foil mainstream and look forward to future collaborations on the next generation of printed electronics.”

The large format LED-on-foil will be exhibited at TechBlick in Berlin on 17-18 October at TracXon’s table E4. Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes will also be onsite showcasing other printed electronic applications at table B4 and will also present on how versatile silver sintering pastes can improve bond performance and simply handling.

Micromax Electronic Inks and Pastes is a leading brand of printable, stretchable, and mouldable functional thick film inks, pastes and ceramic tapes and are utilised for circuitry, interconnection, and packaging of electronic devices in automotive, passive components, telecom, consumer electronics, healthcare and military applications featuring properties, such as enhanced circuit density, improved thermal management, higher reliability and other critical functionality.

Caption: Large area LED-on-foil from TracXon (photo: TracXon)

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