Carbonics introduces first ZEBRA carbon-on-silicon solution for RF components

ZEBRA super-aligned semiconducting carbon nanotubes on wafer (photo: Carbonics)

Carbonics, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, recently launched its ZEBRA carbon-on-silicon technology for radio frequency components and devices in the rapidly expanding wireless, communications, defence, and aerospace markets. Carbonics is a venture-backed start-up that is focused on developing and commercialising a carbon-on-wafer single chip solution that is reported to vastly improve the power consumption and performance of wireless products – including next-generation smartphones and communication devices.

The ZEBRA product is the first available platform solution for realising next-generation semiconductor devices technologies using the novel material of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNT). By leveraging the superior one-dimensional (1D) transport properties of thousands of aligned, gate-controllable conduction pathways, linear current densities exceeding that of GaAs pHEMT (gallium arsenide metamorphic high electron mobility transistor) and silicon technologies have been realised.

Ultra-arrayed carbon nanotubes represent the enabling technology necessary for a carbon-on-wafer single chip solution, and the launch of the ZEBRA wafers remains in step with Carbonics’ mission to enable design engineers, foundries, integrated device manufacturers and advanced development houses access to the best and most advanced semiconducting platform for designing next-generation high speed circuits.

"Carbonics intends to shake up the billion-dollar compound semiconductor market with our superior disruptive carbon technology that is fully CMOS compatible and able to perform in the mmWave spectrum—representing perfect timing for the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) revolution," said Carbonics CEO Kos Galatsis.

“Carbonics has achieved a unique milestone in the evolution of carbon electronics,” said Ken Hansen, president and CEO of Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). “This is a crucial first step from Carbonics toward high performance, next-generation RF electronics using next-generation nanotechnology for high performance mmWave RF and CMOS compatibility. It’s exciting to see the progress from the fundamental material and device research sponsored by SRC and DARPA develop into the launch of a groundbreaking product technology.”

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