Canatu starts mass production of touch sensors for Methode Electronics’ centre stack in a premium SUV


Carbon nanomaterial developer Canatu (Vantaa, Finland) has started mass-production of a new, transparent 3D formable touch sensor. Canatu’s touch sensors are fitted into a centre stack made by Methode Electronics, Inc, a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions. The new centre stack solution is integrated in an iconic luxury SUV unveiled in September 2022.

The latest announced start of production (SOP) is intended to further strengthen the long-standing collaboration between Canatu and Methode. The very first Methode-Canatu SOP was in 2015, when the companies developed a novel touch sensor for an overhead console integrated in a premium Electric Vehicle. As of today, over 600 000 touch sensors have been successfully delivered with an exceptional Field Return Rate (FRR) of 0.

Canatu’s vice president sales, Samuli Kohonen, said: “We have an excellent working relationship with the Methode team. Methode has been our loyal customer since 2015, and we are proud of the fact that they have continued to rely on our 3D formable touch solutions to support their premium OEM customers’ visionary developments. With years of close collaboration comes more effective communication, shorter product development cycles and seamless joint development from early concepting to mass-production.”

“After years of close collaboration, we have come to know Canatu as a reliable partner; one who provides the most advanced touch technology with high optical clarity and extensive experience in collaborating with high-end OEM’s. By pairing our expertise in module level integration with Canatu’s state-of-the-art touch technology, the integrated centre stack solution is sure to provide a premium user experience,” added Roxana Constandin, direct buyer, Methode Electronics

Canatu’s transparent and 3D formable touch sensors aim to drive automotive innovation, as OEMs seek to differentiate their vehicles with intuitive user interfaces. Experience in mass-production for several companies in the automotive and semiconductor industries has made Canatu a reliable partner for forerunner OEMs and Tier 1 companies looking to make breakthroughs possible. Optical properties of Canatu CNT such as high transmittance, colour neutrality, low reflection and zero haze, are reported to be ideal for lighting applications, ultimately creating a better driving experience.

In addition to the current SOP, further development between Canatu and Methode for upcoming projects are also taking place, further solidifying the strong technical and business relationship between the companies.

Caption: Canatu and Methode have intensified their partnership (photo: Canatu)

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