Canatu secures new patent in China – Oriented deposition of carbon nanotubes


Canatu (Vantaa, Finland) has recently expanded its patent portfolio with a new patent involving apparatuses and a method for oriented deposition. This invention enables them to orient carbon nanotubes horizontally, which enhances the electrical and mechanical properties of Canatu CNT films and its end applications, such as ADAS LiDAR film heaters for the automotive industry.

“Our strong patent portfolio speaks volumes about the level of curiosity and passion that drives innovation. I’m bursting with pride at the ingenuity displayed by our engineers and scientists,” said Ilkka Varjos, CTO of Canatu.

To date, Canatu holds 150 patents across 30 different families. Having an extensive IPR not only safeguards their unique processes, but it also paves way for new business opportunities through licensing arrangements with third parties. Unlike companies that retain IPRs for only specific parts of their production process, Canatu’s IPR portfolio protects everything from material to manufacturing and to the final applications. Full control over the entire process allows the company to advance Canatu CNT for different applications with partners and bring products to market without relying on third-party companies.

“Owning patents is an invaluable asset for tech companies, as they serve as the backbone of Canatu. A broad IPR not only safeguards our unique processes, but also paves the way for new business opportunities through licensing arrangements with third parties,” stressed Ilkka Varjos.

Today, as the world stands at the onset of the Carbon Age, nano carbons are anticipated to play a transformative role in addressing key industry challenges, making Canatu’s strong IPR portfolio even more valuable with immense potential for impact. As they explore new applications that require the development of novel solutions, the strong IPR portfolio helps protect their market position and leverage key innovations to maximise impact across various industries.

Caption: Ilkka Varjos, CTO of Canatu (photo: Canatu)

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