Canatu: Presentation on membranes at SEMICON Europa


During the Executive Forum on Materials Innovation at SEMICON Europa 2023 Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, presented ‘Canatu carbon nanotube membranes as a versatile material platform for EUV lithography.’ She highlighted the benefits of Canatu’s (Vantaa, Finland) unique carbon nanotube manufacturing process, emphasised the expertise gained from mass-producing EUV membranes since 2021, and elaborated on the customisation of these membranes for diverse applications such as EUV pellicles, debris filters and optical filters, highlighting remarkable versatility they offer.

Attendees gained insights into the benefits of Canatu’s floating catalyst chemical vapour deposition (FC-CVP) process using a dry deposition method, which yields long and pristine carbon nanotubes enabling better performance in the end applications. High control over the synthesis allows the tailoring of the carbon nanotube network density, bundle size, tube diameter, and wall count. The direct fabrication method with tailorable morphology combined with the exceptional mechanical and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes provides a versatile platform technology, which can be further modified with post process steps such as purification to remove metal impurities. Canatu’s carbon nanotube membranes are used e.g. in EUV pellicles.

Emma Salmi is a senior nanomaterials engineer at Canatu. She has been spearheading the development of free-standing carbon nanotube membranes with primary focus on the FCCVD synthesis and early processing steps for optimum pellicle manufacturing for two years. Her background encompasses nanotechnology, thin film deposition systems and carbon nanomaterials with 15 years of industrial and academic experience. She has 37 peer-reviewed publications, conference papers and patents.

Caption: Emma Salmi at SEMICON Europa (photo: Canatu)

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