Canatu partners with Display Solution to develop innovative touch display

A CNB touch-sensor by Canatu

Helsinki, Finland based Canatu Oy, a leading manufacturer of zero reflectance and flexible transparent conductive films and touch sensors, cooperates with Display Solution AG, a leading developer of customised industrial and digital signage solutions with headquarters in Gilching, Germany. The partners will use Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud (CNB) Film technology and Display Solution’s controller equipment to develop touch display solutions which provide excellent sunlight readability. Touch displays with new design possibilities in flexible or 3D forms will also be offered.

The joint touch display solutions are mainly targeted towards automation, medical, digital signage or point of sales (POS) markets for touch applications with 4.3-15in displays. The new devices combine a display with matrix-touch sensor and other inputs like mechanical buttons, sliders and wheels in one homogeneous touch surface. These types of touch applications are reported to fit well in any kind of operational terminals that require robustness, durability, excellent sunlight readability and endurance in different environmental conditions.

The CNB transparent conductive film is said to be not limited by the brittleness or metal fatigue associated with ITO or metal mesh structures that are commonly used as transparent conductive materials in today’s touch displays. Moreover the CNB touch sensors also offer a higher display contrast due to ultra-low reflectance and haze, which makes them perfect for outdoor applications. Better contrast enables reduced backlight usage in touch displays.

CNB Films can be stretched up to 100% without losing their electrical conductivity, providing opportunities for new kinds of innovative 3D formed or stretched touch-sensitive surface designs. Production costs and performance of the CNB sensors are competitive with the existing and emerging transparent conductors on the market.   

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