Canatu at CES 2023: ADAS deicing for LiDARs and cameras take centre stage


At CES 2023, Canatu (Vantaa, Finland), a leader in advanced carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, showcased its transparent film heaters for enabling Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in any weather. Visitors to their booth had the opportunity to see and learn about the brand-new transparent film heater for LiDAR, as well as its ADAS camera heaters and 3D touch sensors. They also learned about the challenges that harsh weather poses to autonomous driving and how Canatu’s CNT film heaters can contribute to the safety and comfort of driving in the future.

This year, Canatu partnered with other forerunner companies to demonstrate its most innovative products. Some of the highlights this year included:

- A film insert moulded LiDAR heater using COVESTRO Makrolon polycarbonate resin and Makrofol PC film with high optical properties combined with effective heating.

- An on-glass laminated ADAS camera heater demonstrated by DENSO, providing wire-free, power-efficient de-icing/defogging without optical distortion

- An in-glass laminated ADAS camera heater demonstrated by SEKISUI, providing ultimate safety, reliability, high heating performance, and clear field-of-vision without optical distortion.

Canatu’s featured demos gave visitors a glimpse into how the company’s technology can be integrated seamlessly into automotive LiDAR, windshield camera and 3D touch applications.

LiDAR systems are key to autonomous driving as they detect objects and measure distances. If the LiDAR system is blocked by wintry conditions or fog, the 3D mapping loses accuracy. At CES 2023, Canatu and Covestro demonstrated a joint LiDAR heater system.

Caption: The Canatu booth at CES 2023 (photo: Canatu)

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