Canatu and TouchTurns start cooperation

A CNB touch sensor by Canatu

Canatu Oy, a leading manufacturer of zero reflectance and flexible transparent conductive films and touch sensors based in Helsinki, Finland, has launched a partnership with TouchTurns from Santa Clara (CA), USA, a designer of multi-touch sensors and modules. The aim of the cooperation is to deliver high-contrast touch modules for a wide range of consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and automotive applications targeted at the US display markets.

Canatu has qualified TouchTurns as its official partner for producing CNB Film based touch sensors. According to the Finnish company, its Californian partner has proven its capability to laser pattern CNB films and to produce high-performance projected capacitive touch sensors used in flat or flexible touch screens.

Vice versa, TouchTurns has selected to add CNB Film based touch sensors to its product offering due to its superior optical and mechanical performance and easy processability, claims the American company. The partnership is reported to offer original equipment manufacturers custom solutions and fast delivery of next generation high-contrast touch modules, which can be easily integrated into mobile headsets, tablet computers and other touch-enabled devices.

Moreover, Canatu and TouchTurns offer custom-made prototyping services of high quality touch modules including CNB Film from Canatu, laser patterning, FPC bonding and substrate lamination with a direct route to mass production via TouchTurns’ manufacturing facility in China.

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