Brewer Science announces employee ownership programme


Brewer Science Inc. (Rolla, Missouri), a leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes that foster the technology needed for tomorrow, recently announced that it has become a member of Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO), the leading certification programme for employee-owned companies in America.  

“Brewer Science is thrilled to partner with Certified EO,” said Alan Gerson, chief legal officer. “We are big believers in the employee-owned model, and we’re excited to work with Certified EO and their members to help bring more attention to this new way of doing business and further engaging with our employees to create more value for them, our customers and our community.”

To become a member of Certified EO, companies must pass a rigorous certification process to demonstrate that their employees own at least 30% of the business (exclusive of company founders), access to ownership is open to every employee, and the concentration of ownership is limited. Fewer than 1 in 200 American companies are eligible to join Certified EO.

“We’re excited to have Brewer Science as our newest member,” said Thomas Dudley, CEO and co-founder of Certified EO. “We’re very aligned on values and recognise that employee ownership is good for workers, good for business, and good for communities. As an employee-owned company, Brewer Science is a pillar of their community and at the forefront of creating an economy that works for everyone.”

Brewer Science became employee-owned in 2020 when the Brewer family made a gift to Brewer Science employees of 33% of the shares in the holding company which owns Brewer Science.

Caption: Brewer Science is now partially employee-owned (photo: @stevepb –

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