Beontag inaugurates new global centre of excellence for R&D

Beontag, global market-leading RFID and IoT solutions company, has opened an R&D center in Tampere (Finland). The investment size is 40 million USD and the facility houses 50 employees. Beontag plans to invest further in machinery and equipment while simultaneously growing the workforce and working with the IoT ecosystem in Finland.

Beontag has a long-term plan for the company’s growth in Finland. As the company notes, Finland, and specifically the city of Tampere, has long been home to leading companies in RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology and IoT more widely. The history and strength of the ecosystem means that Beontag will be able to work with a talented group of people with rich experience and insights into technological possibilities across a range of sectors.

"A tech talent pool that is second to none"

"Beontag’s investment decision has confirmed that Finland’s highly skilled and digitally expert workforce creates a tech talent pool that is second to none," the company points out. "When one adds all of this to Finland’s broader commitment to technology development, research, and education, it’s easy to see why Beontag sees Finland as the perfect home for their continued investment in research and product development."

"We were delighted to establish a state-of-the-art facility in Tampere. As our company continues to meet the existing and emerging needs of customers around the world, our success depends upon an unshakeable commitment to innovation, best-in-class facilities, top-quality equipment and a truly exceptional team. We are grateful to have found all that and more here in Finland," Beontag’s CEO, Ricardo Lobo, summarises

Business Finland’s Invest in Finland team provided the facts and guidance for Beontag’s decision-making. "Beontag will make the already strong IoT ecosystem in Tampere even stronger. Beontag brings its international technology and market knowledge to Finland and Invest in Finland, in turn, looks forward to supporting Beontag with its growth plans," Janne Kari, Head of ICT at Invest in Finland, says.

After expanding its footprint in Finland through acquisitions, Beontag has combined its resources and expertise with those of RFID and IoT solutions provider, Confidex, and the RFID business unit of Digital Tags Finland. Beontag’s business scope has grown considerably from its origins in label manufacturing to developing technologies that shape efficient and sustainable systems for supply chains, transport systems, payment infrastructures, and communication technologies.

Global market growing exponentially

"Research and development will be at the heart of this new facility, and I speak for everybody in our organisation when I express my excitement at the prospect of the contributions the Tampere team will make to the borderless and innovative future of both Beontag’s product offerings and the retail industry as a whole, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for product quality, sustainability, and affordability," CEO Ricardo Lobo says. The company sees the global market growing exponentially, with an ever-expanding range of possibilities and applications for its existing technologies as well as opportunities to develop new tools and solutions.

Beontag claims to be committed to promoting sustainability and delivering upon ESG targets that are linked to the UN’S Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). This effort spans the value chain, enabling customers to meet sustainability-focused regulatory requirements through the company’s industry-leading solutions. Highlight sustainable solutions include the ECO RFID tag, which enables its consumers´ reduction of indirect emissions by more than half the gCO2e per unit compared to a PET/Alu tag.

Caption: Beontag's management team at the opening ot the new facility. (Image source: Beontag)

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