BenQ Materials‘ Advance True Black Functional Film wins Gold Panel Award at Touch Taiwan


The Taiwanese company BenQ Materials has received the Gold Panel Award 2018 at Touch Taiwan for its Advance True Black Functional Film (ATBF) thanks to its outstanding performance in improving 8K display quality.

The Gold Panel Award is given out by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) to encourage Taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate innovation and value into their products.

The Gold Panel Award winning product Advance True Black Functional Film (ATBF) provides customisability for diverse applications and effectively enhances 8K display quality in resolution, image and colour, thanks to BenQ Materials’ ultra-precision machining and formula technique.  It is compatible with current LCD process and supports sizes up to 120 inch.  Displays working with ATBF are expected to present enhanced picture quality in both colour and dark performance.

Caption: The ATBF technology was on display at Touch Taiwan 2018 (photo: BenQ)

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