BASF inaugurates new research building

The new BASF research building

BASF SE, a leading chemical, plastics and performance products company, has inaugurated a new research building at its headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany, after two years of construction. The building accommodates around 200 employees of the research division Advanced Materials & Systems Research, who have so far worked in different buildings in Ludwigshafen. The laboratories and offices in the seven-storey building account for a total surface area of approximately 11 000m2, the construction costs amount to around €50M.

“For the long-term success of BASF it is important to strengthen the global presence of our research and development activities, especially in Asia-Pacific and the Americas,” said Dr Martin Brudermüller, vice chairman of the board of executive directors and chief technology officer of BASF. “Ludwigshafen, however, remains the largest site of our R&D capacities. This is underlined by the investment in the new building, which is a clear commitment to the site.”

The new building is located between further research facilities, in which employees of the same division work. The complex is connected to two neighbouring facilities by means of a ground level corridor and a bridge. In the Advanced Materials & Systems Research division, BASF develops new structural materials, dispersions, functional materials as well as organic and inorganic additives for a wide range of customer industries including automotive, construction, packaging, paints, detergents and cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water and the wind industry.

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