AIXTRON: OLED project Phase II completed


AIXTRON SE (Herzogenrath, Germany) has announced that APEVA, its subsidiary for OLED deposition technologies, received the final acceptance for its Gen 2 OVPD (Organic Vapour Phase Deposition) deposition system from its customer, one of the world’s largest display manufacturers. APEVA’s prototype OLED deposition system, which is based on the innovative OVPD technology, enables a highly efficient deposition of organic materials for OLED displays.

APEVA now plans to enter into discussions about the feasibility of a final qualification project (phase III). Such project would target to ensure the scalability of the OVPD deposition technology to large area substrates. The decision for such phase III is open at this point in time.

The final acceptance by the customer successfully completes phase II of the qualification project on the path to commercialize APEVA’s proprietary OLED deposition technology. During this phase, the OVPD system was effectively scaled up from a Gen 1 (200x200mm) laboratory system to a Gen 2 (370x470mm) pilot manufacturing system. The OVPD OLED deposition system has been installed and extensively tested in a Gen 2 OLED pilot manufacturing line of the customer. The successful conclusion of the project confirms the potential of the technology for OLED manufacturing.

AIXTRON’s subsidiary APEVA is a complete deposition system provider for the organic material layers within the OLED stack. Its product offering spans the full set of key modules from innovative organic evaporation sources, deposition process technology as well as substrate handling systems and the required vacuum technology.

Caption: AIXTRON’s subsidiary APEVA has successfully concluded Phase II of its OVPD project (photo: AIXTRON)

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