Aixtron introduces Prodos-200 PVPD R&D system


AIXTRON SE, a leading provider of deposition equipment based in Germany, has launched a new system for the research of new deposition processes for polymer thin films at an R&D level. The PRODOS-200 PVPD is mainly aimed on new applications in the deposition of organic thin film materials.

According to AIXTRON the system allows for the implementation of a diverse range of PVPD processes, in which the carrier gas-based, gas phase deposition is used for the in-situ polymerisation and layer formation of functional polymer thin films. Compared to conventional, usually solution-based polymerisation processes, PVPD processes are known as “all-dry processes”, in which, based on the operating principle, the solvents are said to not produce any side effects.

“We intentionally developed the new PRODOS line as a modular, expandable platform for various source materials that may exist in liquid, gaseous, or solid forms,” explains Jürgen Kreis, director of business development at AIXTRON. “It is therefore ideally suited for many different applications in the realm of organic thin films and, thanks to its modular design, is set up for developing various polymerisation processes.”

Further the company has recently announced the delivery of one PRODOS Gen3.5 Polymer Vapour Phase Deposition (PVPD) system based on its proprietary Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) technology to a major Asian customer. The production scale equipment will be dedicated to enabling the production of novel flexible electronic devices through the deposition of organic polymer thin films.

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