ACREO Swedish ICT installs full options CeraPrinter F-Serie

CERADROP's CeraPrinter F-Serie

ACREO Swedish ICT, a centre for commercialising printed and organic electronics based in Norrkoping, Sweden, recently installed a CeraPrinter F-Serie all-in-one state-of-the-art digital materials deposition platform designed and manufactured by French-based CERADROP.

Nicolas Bernardin, deputy managing director at CERADROP, said: We have designed the high-end CeraPrinter F-Serie platform to allow the players to achieve their targeted results in advanced R&D. The F-Serie system acquired by ACREO Swedish ICT represents a true integration all-in-one state-of-the-art machine with full options configuration. Starting from a drop analysis up to complete functional devices manufacturing, the CeraPrinter offers numerous advantages and capabilities to accomplish advanced hybrid process development and brings multiple research efforts to success.”

Bjorn Norberg, sales manager Printed Electronics at ACREO Swedish ICT, added: “As a research institute, we encounter a broad variety of challenges, and the CeraPrinter F-Serie is a really versatile machine with many print and curing options. Typically we build/deposit materials at a μm/nm-scale so precision printing and alternative methods to create thin layers and cure are increasingly important. Sometimes screen printing is not adequate and we can then go for Aerosol Jet or Inkjet easily. We also like the small footprint of the machine regarding the high level of technology embedded (Inkjet, Aerosol Jet, AdphosNIR, UV LED, NovaCentrix  PulseForge). Moreover, there is a high level of precision enabling us to trial new material compositions. The CeraPrinter F-Serie is therefore an important part in creating one of the leading pilot lines in the world for printed electronics, as we create printed sensors, diodes, transistors  and entire hybrid systems for use in wearables, IoT, med tech and other sectors.

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