New inkjet printing solution for the mass production of OLEDs introduced

Thursday 21 November 2013

Kateeva, a US based company focused on OLED production technology, has just introduced an inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to produce large sized OLEDs in high volume and at the same time cut the costs of production named YIELDjet.

According to the company it is the world’s first inkjet printer engineered from the ground up for OLED mass production and will enable yield improvements, which, in turn, will drive production costs lower. YIELDjet is said to offer a production-worthy pure nitrogen process chamber, a specialised mechanical design that reduces particles by as much as 10 times and a great film coating uniformity with a big process window.

“YIELDjet was inspired by a simple vision: help display manufacturers realize the full potential of OLED technology so that their customers can enjoy and benefit from these dazzling new displays,” says Kateeva’s president and co-founder Dr Conor Madigan. “It delivers by using inkjet printing to crack difficult technical problems that made manufacturing flexible and large-size OLEDs challenging and costly. We’re encouraged by our customers’ interest, and we’re excited to be enabling this important display technology transition.”

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