Cell-compatible OLEDs are a main focus of the research conducted at Fraunhofer FEP in Dresden

Fraunhofer FEP researches cell-compatible OLEDs for use with patients

Monday 29 August 2016
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Cytocompatibility studies of OLEDs have been carried out on cell cultures for the first time at the Fraunhofer FEP (Dresden, Germany) to test how well OLEDs are tolerated by cells. The results offer promising prospects for the use of OLEDs in the medical field, such as in light therapy.


The flexible wearable sensor for detecting the alcohol level can be worn on the arm (photo: UC San Diego)

UC San Diego develops skin patch to monitor alcohol levels

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately measure a person’s blood alcohol level from sweat and transmit the data wirelessly to a laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. The device can be worn on the skin and could be used by doctors and police officers for continuous, non-invasive and real-time monitoring of blood alcohol content.


SmartKem's tru-FLEX is a universal flexible transistor platform for all display types

SmartKem sets its sights on China with patent confirmation

Monday 08 August 2016
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SmartKem, the UK-based developer of the truFLEX semiconductor platform for the manufacture of flexible displays and electronics, has had notification of patent allowance for its semiconductor material in China, a key market for the roll-out of its technology platform with display manufacturers across Asia.


innoLAE 2017 will take place at the Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge to host innoLAE 2017 Conference

Wednesday 03 August 2016
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On 31 January and 1 February, the Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK, will be the venue of innoLAE 2017, the Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference.


Dr Justus Bobke, president of the Verband 3DDruck (photo: Verband 3DDruck)

3D printing association engages dialogue

Tuesday 02 August 2016
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On 26 August 2016, the Verband 3DDruck, the German 3D printing association, will host a kick-off workshop at Industriesalon Schönweide. The event caters to companies, institutes and organisations that are active in 3D printing technology as well as interested guests. The association claims to have an interdisciplinary approach.